Welcome to the Marumali Program®

Since 2000, Winangali Marumali Pty Ltd has been working to increase the quality of support available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander survivors of removal policies through delivery of its Marumali Program®. The Marumali Program® is based on the unique, original and unparalleled Marumali Journey of Healing Model developed and delivered by Aunty Lorraine Peeters, a survivor of the removal policies herself.

The Marumali Program® supports service providers to: realize the widespread impact of forcible removal and understand the potential paths for recovery; recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma associated with forcible removal in clients, families and others involved with their service; and to avoid re-traumatizating members of the Stolen Generations. This supports participants and organisations to respond by integrating this knowledge into their policies, procedures, and practices.