Participants’ comments

Marumali Program® for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Service Providers (4 days)

“The program has given me ways to unlock some of the baggage I have carried for so long…”

“It has taught me to understand in more depth, especially my family and community”

“Thank you for a life changing experience”

“I have a better understanding of the impacts on our people & the suffering we all go through & now we can all begin to heal”

“A greater understanding of why we are the way we are”


Marumali Program for Non-Aboriginal workers (2 days)

"In my opinion, the program is best described as quite simply the most informative and educational course a non indigenous person could attend. The insight which was shared by the presenters was amazing. The story was told in a way we could not only understand and accept but questions were encouraged as was interaction. I encourage any staff to attend".

"The training delivered to us on both days was probably the most useful to our particular area (Prison Officers in Accommodation Units). The facilitators were able answer our sometimes tricky questions with honesty and enthusiasm. This training was a delightful change as it has relevance and interest at each session and delivered the ability for us to increase our use to the Department".

"I was privileged to attend - what a wonderful experience - enlightening, emotional, exhilarating and exhausting. Such a learning curve. I highly recommend this course to other non-Indigenous staff".