Marumali Journey of Healing Model

The Marumali Journey of Healing Model fulfils every hope held for programs to support survivors of the Stolen Generations:

  • It was developed by an Aboriginal survivor for Aboriginal survivors;
  • It is a healing program, rather than a ‘therapy’ or a ‘treatment’;
  • It is culturally appropriate for those who were removed;
  • It is culturally appropriate for the families and communities they were removed from;
  • It respects the autonomy and strength of survivors;
  • It offers a clear path forward for survivors, regardless of how they were removed or what has happened since;
  • It allows survivors to set the pace, rate & direction of their healing journey;
  • It is holistic, and includes the spiritual dimensions of healing.
  • It addresses the core issues which undermine survivors, and allows for personal growth
  • It addresses the trans-generational effects of removal.

The Marumali Journey of Healing Model is unique, original & unparalleled. While based on the healing of one individual, it offers an effective framework, structure and process which supports the healing of all survivors, whether removed to institutional care, foster care or adoptive families. The pathway to recovery involves mind, body & spirit, addresses the issue of identity and is seen as an ongoing journey or process. 

It is able to take account of state/territory variations in how removal policies were implemented, and illuminates the trans-generational effects on survivors, their families & the communities they were removed from. It does this in a way, which contains & effectively manages the distress and risk that such realisations might otherwise invoke in Aboriginal participants.

All participants report feeling empowered by the Marumali Program® workshop and the model of healing it offers.The Marumali Program® harmonises with, and underpins the work of Link Up organisations, Social and Emotional Wellbeing workers and Bringing Them Home counsellors, who also work to support the Stolen Generations. It offers a comprehensive, coordinated and risk-managed approach, which cuts through the pain and confusion and allows survivors to find a safe path home to themselves, their families and communities. While the Marumali Program® was developed specifically to support the Stolen Generations to heal, all Aboriginal people have been affected by removal policies to some degree or another, and could find meaning and draw strength from the program.